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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  February 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> a vending violation. >> that ticket has to cost more than that. >> he has to get a permit and do more impersonators to make up for the ticket. >> not on u.s. park land. >> stay with us, news 4 today continues at 5:00. breaking news, right now, a police-involved shooting right near a local middle school. >> an elderly woman badly injured, burned in a house fire. >> ready to ride. our commuter cam is ride og a road years in the making, finally opened to drivers. >> welcome, for this wednesday, february 23rd, a lot going on this morning. first, another frigid morning. there is relief in sight. 27 out there. it felt colder than yesterday. what is going on? >> it is winter.
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>> simple answer. >> it is still february. >> off to a clear start in northern virginia, the district of maryland. the rest of virginia is mostly cloudy, as a result, temperatures are higher. where the clouds have cleared out, in the low 20s in prince george's county, fairfax, and right by the bay. north, where the snow is deeper, it is down into the teens, single digits in a few locations. northern west virginia, it is cold there. in the low to mid 20s. the cloud cover over the last 12 hours, persistent there. is the washington monument, under a clear sky. by 9:00, still below freezing t will feel warmer. the sun is getting higher and higher. by mid afternoon, mostly sunny near 40.
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a look at your night planner at 5:11. how is traffic? jerry? >> this one is for you, if you travel the woodrow wilson bridge, no issues to report. wide open, smooth sailing, and travel lanes available all the way around. 14th street bridge, overnight electrical work, all the lights were turned off. they are back on and traffic is moving nicely. montgomery county, icc, shady grove road. i need to mention, we are calling it icc, intercounty connector, and md 200 or 200 that is what it is, route 200. i got a few calls. that is the intercounty connector. >> jerry, thanks. >> we begin with breaking news, an off duty police officer shot
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a suspect near the redlin middle school t happened in derwood after 1:00 this morning. tracee, good morning. >> the police were taking care of a traffic stop at muncaster road. do know that things went wrong, they called for assistance, the person who came in to help, off duty police officer, who was in the area. after she arrived things got worse. >> off duty montgomery county police officer stopped by and she got out of her vehicle. as she was walking over to the passenger side of the vehicle, the rear seat passenger exited the vehicle. she gave him commands, which he didn't obey.
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she discharged her service weapon, striking him at least one time. >> reporter: police say four suspects were involved in the situation. the one shot, transported to the hospital. they expect him to be okay. three other suspects were taken into custody. park police found drugs inside of the vehicle that these men were in, according to police. they are going to inspect what happened with that situation, and investigate it. montgomery county police will be taking care of the police-involved shooting. back to you in the studio. 5:04, a busy night for the crews on the street. firefighters pulled an elderly woman out of a burning building on the 300 block of 36th street. she is suffering from burns, everyone else is okay, but will have to find somewhere else to
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live. they are being helped by the red cross. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. more developments in libya, the u.s. department will begin evacuating americans, arrange for the ferry to go into the capital. the evacuation comes as muammar gadhafi urged supporters by his side and vowed to fight to the death to remain in power and said on tv he would never leave the country. >> oil prices rose to a two-year high, $96 a barrel in asia. many worry it will transfer to saudi arabia. some analysts predict prices near $4 a gallon by summer.
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leading to higher prices to food, clothing and everything else that we buy. >> a the debate is expected to carry over until at least tomorrow. advocates said they have enough support to pass that bill. the house is close to passing it as well. governor o'malley has promised to sign the law if it does reach his desk. >> the long awaited intercounty connector is open. so far, we have seen other drivers out there. it was supposed to open at 6:00 t opened early, some time after 3:00 a.m. i-370 and georgia avenue. y not everyone is thrilled about the icc's opening. many who live along the highway
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is that the noise is what they have to look forward to. we took decibel readings, and found it close to the same as that of reagan national airport. >> very, very loud. a lot of sleepless nights. >> at first i was concerned about the noise. after they put up the wall, and their trucks were moving across it, and their stuff, i didn't hear anything. it has been okay. >> many parts of the icc have sound walls protecting neighborhoods from the noise. proximity to the roadway determine where the walls were placed. >> i found pillows and a rubber band around my head helps. >> and running away from a
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budget fight. >> and numbers showing crime on the rise on the metro. >> and cold today,
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and traffic on the 1s, i am meteorologist tom kierein. a cold morning in princ county,, and low 20s in much of fairfax, montgomery counties. and cloud cover over much of virginia is keeping it a bit milder there. temperatures out of the mountains, in the teens, to the low 20s, and then, as we look at the view from space. we have that cloud cover that is covering much of the region. south of washington. there is the jefferson memorial. mostly clear sky. sun in the afternoon, reaching 40 by mid afternoon. here is your night planner. clear this evening. changes coming in tomorrow. we will look at that, the end of
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the week and the weekend at infinite one:21. >> along interstate 66, smooth sailing. and the drive moving along without delay. to the district, coming from maryland. new york avenue, southeast washington looking good. everybody is having a good morning, no delays. >> 26 degrees on, and taking on
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welcome back, 5:14, breaking news in montgomery county, an off duty police officer shot and wounded a suspect near the middle school in derwood. it all start wide a traffic spot. a fire sent a elderly victim to the hospital. flames broke out on 36th street in northeast washington. >> and the state department starting evacuations in libya,
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it may be hard to get the evacuation ferry back into the mediterranean sea. >> news 4 megan mcgrath from the new carrollton station. >> reporter: your chance of becoming a victim is having your iphone or smart phone or some other electronic device snatched from your hands. very serious crimes reported in 2010, seven rapes and sexual assaults, more than in the previous four years combined. the chance of being a victim of a crime. in terms of crime, the top three
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stations are all in prince george's county, new carol ton, aggressived assault, pickpocketing up 36%, robberies, 76% involve electronic devices stolen and 60% of those robberies, the suspect literally snatches the device from the hands of the rider. as i mentioned, seven rapes and sexual assaults in 2010. one reported in 2009, and no rapes or sexual assaults were reported in 2008. disturbing statistics. metro wants to see the trend reversed. they will be giving the official report tomorrow. the number one station in terms of the serious crimes committed, new carolton station. we will bring that to you later
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in the show. virginia governor mcdonald is fighting for metro. asking congress to reconsider spending cut that is would take $150 million away from the transit agency. the funds were supposed to go to replace the series 1,000 train cars, that were involved in the deadly metro crash in 2009. sharon bulova said it could put riders as risk. >> wisconsin governor took to the air waves saying if the budget isn't passed, layoff notices will go out to 1,500 union workers next week. he said he won't back down to end union bargaining rights for public employees. the plan prompted thousands to
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storm the capitol. and the democratic senators who left will not get a pay check until they return to the floor. >> the house 2ke78crates left yesterday, are in illinois to prevent a quorum. >> the president's former white house chief of staff has been elected mayor of chicago. 55% of the vote against five rivales, no need for a run-off election. he called the victory quote humbling. he will take over for richard daly. >> i want to extend my congratulations to rahm emanuel on a well deserved victory. as a chicagoan and a friend, i couldn't be prouder.
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he will be a terrific mayor for all the people of chicago. president obama the spend part of his day with injured troops and their families. he visits the hospital in bethesda this afternoon. the first visit there since 2009. the white house said he will spend an hourbzw there. >> the long-awaited book on sarah palin, "the rouge, searching for the real sarah palin" will be released the 20th. he moved next door to the palins while researching the book. he was said to have leaked the draft of another book by one of sarah palin's former aides. >> the 6.3 magnitude quake in new zealand hit christchurch.
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75 people are dead, and dozens injured. 25 people are trapped inside a tv station, and rescuers said they don't think anyone survived. right now, a curfew is in place. there are too many buildings that could topple at any moment. >> horrifying. death toll is likely to go up there. >> complicating the rescue effort, they are getting rain there now, too. off and on throughout the day. here, what we may get rain by the end of the week, right now, off to a dry start. temperatures in the 20s. in washington and the nearby suburbs, to the north, where the snow is deeper, the clear skies there allowed those temperatures to drop into the teens in many locations, and single digits. in fredrick county. we look at the view from space, a few clouds over the region this morning. we have those clouds that will
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likely be breaking up. there is the jefferson memorial. 14th street bridge. the sunrise, 6:49. by 9:00, still below freeze, sunny afternoon. highs near 40 with a light wind. overnight tonight, mostly clear. by dawn tomorrow, down into the upper 20s. on thursday, warmer. we will have a southerly breeze, increasing clouds, and rain, late afternoon into the evening. rain likely near 50 in the afternoon. rain should end, sunny on saturday. morning lows in the 40s, afternoon highs, on -- could get rain monday. how is traffic? >> starting out of fredric
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fredricksburg, out of the roird. travel lanes are open, route 17 up toward the airport. see if the good news continue, to the american legion bridge we go. picking up volume. tyson's corner, around the bend, moving nicely. on the rails, no delays. >> our time is 5:22. what your cell phone is doing to your brain. a new study that may have you turning off your phone. whnchlths apple is planning to unveil
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5:25, attention ipad fans, this bd be the news you have been waiting for. the new ipad will be out march 2nd. it will be faster and lighter, a camera is said to be on the new model. apple has not officially confirmed the news. >> we all hope to be thinner, faster and lighter. >> and a new a processer. >> what happens to your brain when you use a cell phone. researchers placed phones next to the heads of volunteers for 50 minutes, it was no different
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than the brain moving a toe or thought. >> the researcher said she would use an ear piece. >> big toe, pinkie toe? >> brain activity it requires. >> have to find that out. 5:26 is the time. this morning, a live drive. we are cruising the intercounty connector. open for the rush hour. what you can expect if you plan to test drive it today.
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breaking news, we are learning more about a police-involved shooting close to a middle school. why police say the suspects ran. >> plus, new numbers out showing where criminals are striking on metro, and what they are looking for. >> live drive. the icc is open for business. we are hitting the road with you
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this morning. the live report from the commuter cam coming up. >> good morning, i am joe krebs, welcome to news 4 today. the 23rd of february, 2011. if you are about to go out on the road, let your car warm up before you get into it. do not leave the car when it is running. lose the car forever that way. >> 25 degrees out there. >> don't have to chop the rock hard ice off the windshields this morning. where we got more snow, it has plummets temperature-wise. 5 above zero in maryland. low to mid teens, washington county, pennsylvania border. in the teens. closer to washington, low to mid 20s.
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southern maryland, eastern shore, weather watchers reporting temperatures in the mid 20s. a bit of cloud cover over virginia, in the 20s to near 30. southern west virginia, under clouds, milder there. and western maryland, in the teens, as well, in allegheny and garrett counties. colder in the north. northern pennsylvania in the upstate, new york. clouds around this morning. half moon. the western sky there. is the jefferson memorial. sunset, 5:54. below freezing by 9:00 with sunshine. a high of 40, and back into the 30s, upper 30s, and overnight tonight, turning rather cold again. a look at your night planner in ten minutes. >> everybody back to work, back to school on time, after delays and closures yesterday. in from the west, those who
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normally take 50, 239, moving well. picking up speed as you head toward the capital beltway, if that is your direction. icc, shady grove road, everything is open for business. folks are out and about. exciting for a lot of montgomery county commuters. out on the rails, no delays. now to the breaking news, montgomery county, an off duty police officer shot a suspect. >> reporter: a traffic stop at muncaster mill road. when they stopped it, police said they smelled marijuana
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coming from the vehicle. they called for assistance. an off duty police officer stopped by to assist. when she arrived on the scene, things got worse. >> an off duty montgomery county police officer stopped by and she got out of her vehicle. as she was walking over to the passenger side of the vehicle, the rear seat passenger exited the vehicle. she gave him commands, which he did not obey. he made a reach for his waste band and she discharged her service weapon, striking him at least one time. >> a total of four people in that vehicle. three of them were taken into custody. montgomery county police said there were drugs found within the vehicle. now, the investigation has been split between the two police
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departments. montgomery county police will be taking care of the fire arm. and the national capital park police will be taking care of the drugs found inside the vehicle. back to you in the studio. 5:34, we should know by the end of this week whether the district shotgun stalker will be released from the hospital for a day. james swan found not guilty by reason of insanity. he wants to spend his birthday with his father. the judge plans to issue a ruling by friday. >> new today, out of northeast washington, an elderly woman is in the hospital after flames broke out on the 300 block of 36th street. crews on the scene. firefighters put out the flames. it was contained to one bedroom. a woman in her 80s is suffering
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from burns. the red cross is helping the people in the home find a place to stay. we don't know what caused the fire. >> the first stretch of the intercounty connector is open. cars started traveling on the section just a short time ago. kimberly joins us live from the news 4 commuter cam. good morning. >> reporter: we are having a bit of technical difficulties with that commuter cam. we will check in with kimberly, live on the icc, having a ball out there. it is not music to everyone's ears though. >> it is indeed, listen to some of the folks who are concerned about the sound from that highway. many people who live along the highway say this is what they
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had to look forward to. we found decibel levels, we found areas comprobably to the direct flight path of reagan national airport. that has some residents concerned. >> in the beginning, it was very, very loud. a lot of sleepless nights. >> at first i was concerned about the noise. after they put up the wall. their trucks were moving across t their stuff. i didn't hear anything. it has been okay. >> many parts of the icc have sound walls. many factors determine where those walls are, including proximity to the highway. >> if you order your ez pass through maryland, there are fees, a monthly fee of $1.50, and a fee of $21 to purchase the ez pass transponder.
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>> in lib ya, the u.s. state department is expected to start evacuations today. an approaching storm could make it difficult to get the ferry back into the mediterranean sea. t muammar gadhafi vowed to fight to the death to remain in power. he addressed libya on state tv, saying he would never leave the country. >> what if a potential employer demanded your facebook pass word. why once against in maryland does that. >> and a ticketed lincoln impersonator. >> relief
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good morning, there is a live view of the jefferson memorial on the banks of the potomac river, a lot of the ice has melted. a mild pattern over the weekend. the traffic moving over the bridges on dry pavement. time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. it is a cold start on this wednesday morning. mostly clear, northern virginia, the district and much of maryland. the rest of virginia is mostly cloudy, west virginia, their temperatures are in the 30s, and montgomery county, mid 20s, near the bay, and west and north,
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northern montgomery county and virginia, it is cold. fredrick county maryland is down to the single digits in a few locations, much of western maryland. we will have a bit of sunshine today. there is the jefferson memorial, half moon in the western sky. by noon, mid 30s, sunset at 5:54, back into the mid 30s by then. for your night planner, a clear sky, in the 30s through the evening. and partly cloudy by dawn on thursday. the upper 20s. a look at thursday and friday, at 5:51. follow my forecast on twitter. >> smooth sailing, i-270,
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clarksberg and germantown. looking good. all the major roadways, northeast washington looking good, no early hang ups to report. 395, to the 14th street bridge, all travel lanes are open and available. the overnight electrical work at the 14th street bridge is wrapped up. on the rail, all reporting no delays, good news there. 5:42, your cab fare could be on the increase in the district. >> and the latest on the controversy involving d.c. council chairman, and the luxury suv that wasn't good enough for him. >> the crime on metro. brand new this morning. what
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welcome back, 5:44, if you take metro to work, a reminder to be extra cautious, we learned that crime on the transit system has sky rocketed.
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more are being mugged, pickpocketed and assaulted. >> reporter: crime on the metro system is at a five-year high. the greatest chance to be a vehicle is to have your iphone or phone or device snatched from your hands. violent crimes reported in 2010, seven rapes and sexual assaults that is more than the number of attacks reported in the previous four years combined. the chance of becoming a vehicle of serious crime is 6 for one million riders. the ang daily ridership is more than 700,000.
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in 60% of chose cases, the item is snatched from the victim's hands. there was only one reported in 2009 and none reported in 2008. to put it in context for you. talking to riders here at the new carolton station sm, are alarmed, others aren't worried. >> a little frightened. you know. have to be more careful. >> i have been coming to this station for ten years now, never had a problem. >> you are not worried? >> not at all. >> what are the highest crime stations in the metro system? the top four are in prince george's county. new carolton station, branch avenue, greenbelt, prince george's plaza and gallery place in washington, d.c.
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metro will be formally presented with this report tomorrow. >> head's up now, 5:47, if you plan to take metro a couple of weekends from now, no orange line from stadium armory and new carrolton. no blue line service between stadium armoney and benning road. >> one of the latest lawmakers asking kpg to reconsider spending cuts to take money away from metro. the funds other than supposed to be used to replace the series 1,000 train cars that were involved in the deadly crash in 2009. the board chair said that taking that money away would harm the
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reliability of metro and put ride eshz at risk. kwame brown is no longer riding around in an suv that costs $2000. he returned the vehicle after public outrage. the first one he ordered had the wrong color, he returned it, taxpayers may still have to foot the bill if the city can't break the lease. brown said he had no idea how much the vehicles cost. he apologize and called it quote an unacceptable use of city funds. >> mayor gray ordered the taxicab commission to lift a $19 cap on fares, the cap was supposed to be removed in october, mayor fenti, ordered it
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to remain in effect. it allows cab drivers to make an extra two to five dollars per trip. >> rahm emanuel won the election with 55% of the vote. emanuel will take over for mayor richard daly on may 16th. >> the according to "the rogue, searching for the reach sarah palin" will be released. he moved next door to them, and accused of leaking a draft of another unpublished book written by one of palin's former aides. >> searching for 300 -- after a
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massive earthquake in new zealand in christchurch, the second largest city in new zealand. 75 people are dead, dozens of others injured. rescue ersz pulled another woman from the rubble. a curfew is in place, because there are many weak buildings that could topple at any time. >> it is now raining there? >> yes, rain in parts of new zealand. that will hamper their recovery efforts there. this morning, we are off to a cold start. temperatures under a clear sky. and clear across most of maryland. cloudiness in virginia, their temperatures, not as cold. and in northern maryland, down in many locations to the teens to single digits. so, quite a variety of temperatures around the region this morning. in prince george's county, low
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20s. low to mid 20s in arlington, fairfax, and loudoun county, into the shenandoah valley, and locations there dipped to near 20. west howard county, into fredrick county, maryland, it is in the single digits to upper teens this morning. and out in western maryland. eastern shore, cold there. their temperatures are in just the low 20s in a few locations away from the waters, and southern virginia, still cloudy. most of west virginia. over the last 12 hours, sky cleared out and maryland and the district. and it is still mostly clear here. we can see, there is cloudiness farther south. there is capitol hill. the first light of day showing up, daylight is an hour away. we will have the temperatures
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below freezing through mid morning, sunshine, sunrise, 6:49. near 40 by mid afternoon. with a light wind. sunset the at 5:54. back in the mid 30s by then. hold steady through the evening, the winds begin to shift to the south under a clear sky. thursday in the upper 20s and hold steady there for a company hours in the morning on thursday. temperatures climb in the upper 40s, rain moving out of the mountains, head our way. that will move in late afternoon tomorrow, and off and on rain likely thursday night, and again on friday. friday morning, near 40. friday afternoon, highs reaching near 50 degrees. and the winds pick up, shifting into the northwest. cooler temperatures, near 30 on saturday morning. saturday afternoon. into the upper 40s, mostly dry on sunday.
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late sunday into sunday evening, we could get rain and mild with rain likely, into the 60s, and cooler after that as we start in march. >> good morning everyone. we are increasing volume. a lot of folks who had yesterday off, postponed the travels because of the weather, everything is back to normal over on the beltway. good news from springfield. no hang ups whatsoever. and the trip downtown, all the major roadways looking good northwest washington. and on the beltway, no concerns, we have the initial reports of an accident on river road inside the beltway, police are headed over to check on that one. and the rails this morning, metro, and marc reporting no delays. >> airfare is going up again.
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the third time in the past m american airlines hiked prices 20 to 60 dollars on increase this week. the increase is on last-minute tickets most often bought by business travellers. that move marched by continental and u.s. airways. >> you will soon be able to enjoy single servings for pourgz packs, they will work with the single serving coffee makers, beginning in multiple flavors this summer. >> would you hand over your face book pass word to get a job? >> robert collins raised the issue, after taking a leave of absen absence, whennee applied for another job, he was asked for
5:55 am
his pass word on facebook. >> he went through my messages, my posts, my wall, my pictures, which i think is totally wrong. inappropriate and illegal. >> the department officials say the policy was put in place to make sure that corrections officers did not have gang ties. the policy is under review for the next 45 days. >> the moisture of the highway hound remains unsolved in virginia. a driver found a dog wandering on i-95. a basset hound puppy walking on the interstate near a rest stop. the driver scooped up the pupper. brought her home for safe keeping. the dog does not have a collar, nobody knows where she came from. after a few good meals, the dog is doing well.
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>> don't be surprised if you see an unusual traveller at union station, abraham lincoln, an impersonator will join the director of the parks service. the event is part of the park services civil war to civil rights series. >> a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> well, hope today's impersonator had better luck than this one. he was a big hit the lincoln memorial. they put a basket and collected $25 in a few minutes that is $25 more than he should have collected according to the local u.s. park police cited him and
5:57 am
his friend for a quote vending violation. >> i see a lot of those. police say it was panhandling. he didn't know what he was doing was illegal. he doesn't plan to fight the ticket. >> probably have to pay the ticket with the $25 he made and cough up more. >> he is pretty good. maybe he can go to other locations. >> he could do parties. >> your next party, job krebs. >> a fight over a thin mint landed a mom in jail. >> we are cruising the icc. now open for business. >> and a live look outside it is 27 degrees. when the warm up is coming. .
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right now, at 5:59, the first section of the intercounty connector is open. >> this is a live look at the ut


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